a wood-fired homage to the brilliant, rustic flavors of the Mediterranean.

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A splash of olive oil.
A dash of sea salt.
A sprig of rosemary. 

These small details are the heart of the Mediterranean culinary world, where ingredients come together in a swirl of flavors. It’s cooking that takes subtlety and skill and years of practice, where chefs aspire to create bold dishes with simple, fresh ingredients. When you sit down to eat, you’re getting a meal that’s as comforting and rustic as it is light and daring.

At Embers, that Mediterranean tradition is at the soul of every meal we serve.  Freshly harvested ingredients and produce are grown Earth-to-table on our organic farm and paired with locally-sourced meat and seafood. Food is cooked over a wood-fired grill, the rustic tastes of old-world cooking methods pairing perfectly with the complex flavors created by our chefs.

Dining at Embers is everything that we believe makes a great meal: the craft of fine cooking, the company of good people, and the night’s sky dancing above you.


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Our collection of drinks, drafts, and drams is inspired by the herbs, spices, fruit, and other plants that once passed through the Mediterranean; an ancient time of trade that bridged the subtleties of the old world with profound nuances of the new.

Utilizing trusted and age-old techniques, our drinks menu is based around refined craft and techniques, sourcing and using as inspiration the central Balinese terroir.


Flavors that speak to the rustic glory of mixology; hints of herb, bark, root, and wood mingle with slightly higher proof spirits for a taste of classic refinement.


The bright, the bold, the new and the novel — bright notes of fruit and floral aromatics juxtaposed alongside tropical favorites like rum and tequila.


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